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What is the difference between Inlaid Color™ floors (Designer Solarian®) and printed floors (Solarian and Fundamentals®)?

The Inlaid Color construction process precisely positions millions of tiny color granules through as many as 10 unique, hand-cut stencils. This exclusive Armstrong process builds the color and pattern into the floor, from the backing to the wear surface, creating handcrafted designs of extraordinary richness and depth of color. Printed floors have a pattern that is printed on, providing design realism and detail in colors that coordinate with today’s home decors.

Do Armstrong vinyl floors have to be waxed?

All Armstrong Fundamentals floors have a urethane no-wax surface. All Armstrong Solarian and Designer Solarian floors feature our patented CleanSweep® no-wax surface no vinyl floor is easier to clean. These surfaces not only free you from waxing, but are easy to clean and resist staining and scuffing.

Which cleaning products are safe to use on my Armstrong Vinyl floor?

We provide a no-rinse floor cleaner called Once ‘n Done®, available through flooring retailers and home stores in your area. At your supermarket, you’ll also find the Armstrong Cleaner, distributed by S.C. Johnson. Other no-rinse floor cleaners are also safe to use on your Armstrong vinyl floor. Do NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners or "mop and shine" products. These products may leave a dull film on your floor. Over time, if the shine on your floor begins to dull, Armstrong Shinekeeper®  Floor Polish can be used to renew your floor’s shine. Do NOT use paste wax or solvent-based polishes.

If I’m concerned about seams, must I choose a floor that comes 12′ wide?

No. Your seams should be treated with seam coater. This creates a virtually seamless floor and no place for dirt to hide. Furthermore, if your installer follows the Armstrong Guaranteed Installation System, we guarantee that your floor seams won’t open.

What is the difference between an Armafelt and an Interflex® backing?

Armafelt is a specially formulated felt backing. Interflex is a flexible vinyl backing. All floors with an Interflex backing are bonded with adhesive or staples around the perimeter of the room and with adhesive at the seams. Floors with the Armafelt backing are bonded either with adhesive spread under the entire floor or are bonded with adhesive or staples around the perimeter of the room and with adhesive at the seams. Chances are either type of floor will work in your home. Speak to your retailer for further installation information.

Does one type of backing perform better than another?

No. The floor’s backing is just one component of the floor’s overall construction. The floor’s overall construction determines its performance. The primary job of the two backings is to allow for two ways of installation. Both means of installation are guaranteed to last when the floor is installed according to the Armstrong Guaranteed Installation System.

Are floors on one backing cheaper to install than the other?

This depends on the condition of your subfloor and other considerations. Please talk to your retailer for further installation information related to your particular project.

What kind of rugs or mats can I use on my Armstrong vinyl floor?

We do not recommend the use of rubber- or latex-backed mats because the chemical (antioxidant) used to keep the backing from becoming brittle can permanently stain your floor. We suggest a nonstaining vinyl-backed mat or a woven rug that is colorfast. Most of these products are identified "colorfast" by the manufacturer.

If I damage my floor, can it be repaired? How?

Yes, most floors can be repaired by cutting the damaged area out of the floor and replacing it with good material.A professional installer would ensure that the pattern is aligned correctly and that the seams are tight, so that the repair is difficult to see.

What is ToughGuard™ flooring?

It’s Armstrong’s toughest vinyl floor ever. Armstrong ToughGuard floors have a patent-pending manufacturing process and incorporate product formulation changes that result in revolutionary durability without compromising the look of the floor or its easy maintenance. ToughGuard floors are guaranteed not to rip, tear or gouge for the life of the warranty.  See full warranty for details.

Does ToughGuard flooring require different installation methods?

No. ToughGuard flooring can be installed using the full spread method used for all other Armafelt-backed floors. And, Armstrong ToughGuard floors offer cleaner cutting and handling characteristics.

Does ToughGuard flooring require different cleaning and maintenance methods?

No. ToughGuard flooring should be cleaned and maintained like all other Armstrong vinyl floors.

I’m a DIY’er. Can I install Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring myself?

Yes. It’s very simple if you use the Armstrong Guaranteed Installation Kit , which guarantees Armstrong replace your floor and kit for FREE, if you make a mistake in cutting or fitting your floor.

Where can Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring be installed?

Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring can be installed on all grade levels.

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