Award Hardwood Flooring


Award Hardwood Flooring

Award Hardwood Floors is a unique company. Within this building, cutting edge technology combines with old world craftsmanship to produce an unparalleled assortment of hardwood floor products.

Award Hardwood Floors is a company dedicated to producing only the highest quality wood flooring. Begun in the late Nineties by hardwood and laminate industry veterans, the company was built around several revolutionary advances.

The Award Hardwood Floors factory in Wausau, Wisconsin, is the most advanced facility of its kind in the world. The company uses modern high tech equipment and a ready supply of nearby North American hardwoods to manufacture a truly extraordinary product.

All wood used in Award floors is graded every time it is handled. Style selections are made by hand. Frequent sampling and testing is conducted at every step of the manufacturing process. Before they are placed in the carton, every piece of an Award Hardwood Floor has been individually inspected over and over again.

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