Bruce Laminate Flooring


Bruce Laminate Flooring

Twenty times harder than the material on your countertop, Bruce Laminate Floors duplicate the look of hardwood and other natural patterns, such as ceramic stone or marble, while delivering the performance to the strongest synthetics.

Is the product made of real wood?
No. All laminated flooring is a photographic print sandwiched between layers of melamine. All the wood, stone and marble images are recreated through photography.

What is the cost per square foot?
Sorry, but because we only sell to wholesale distribution, we cannot quote retail pricing. However, we can supply you the names of some dealers near you who can help you with this information. Please call our customer service line at 1-800-722-4647.

How do you care for laminate floors?
Routine sweeping and an occasional cleaning with Bruce No-Wax Cleaner is all that’s required to keep your floor looking great.

What is a floating floor?
A floating floor is defined by the fact that it is not directly secured to the subfloor. The individual planks are glued together and not fastened to the subfloor or walls. This type of flooring can be installed above, on, or below the outside soil line and is great for areas where foundations may shift slightly from time to time.

Can I install laminate flooring in my bathroom?
Yes, you can install Traffic Zone only in a bathroom since it has a 25-year moisture warranty (see installation instructions for high-moisture areas).

Can I glue down or nail down laminated flooring?
No, this flooring was engineered as a floating installation only. The EverSeal glue is applied to the top of the tongue only of the tongue-and-groove system.

Can I install Traffic Zone myself?
Yes, only a few tools are needed to complete the job. Please refer to the installation instructions on our site.

Do I have to install an underlayment?
Yes. As a requirement of the warranty, you must either install the ComfortGuard underlayment (which provides an additional moisture barrier from the subfloor, as well as providing a sound absorber), or a combination of QuietGuard and Bruce VaporLock where additional noise reduction is needed.

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