Dream Weaver




Dream Weaver Carpet

Dream Weaver Carpet features PureColor with SoilShield and is a fascinating ultimate solution dyed polyester fiber carpet. This means that the color of the fibers are all the way through the carpeting. This eliminates the fading effect of wear and sun exposure overtime. Dream Weaver is even highly resistant to Bleach!

While no Carpet is stain proof, it can certainly be very stain resistant. Dream Weaver knows that it works hard to stop stains from happening and they are so sure of it that it comes with a Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty.

Soil Damage will not dull Dream Weaver Carpet because the SoilShield technology will block the soil from adhering to the carpet fibers themselves. The best part about Dream Weaver is the fact that it is even more comfortable and soft than it is tough, and trust us, it is very tough.


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