Mannington Laminate Flooring


Mannington Laminate Flooring

Our Selections Bring you Beauty From the World Over

Imagine adding the character of Distressed Heart Pine, Antique Barn Oak, Knotty Heart Pine or Historic American Chestnut to your home, or perhaps enjoying the romance of Brazilian Cherry or Australian Cypress. What’s more, we’ve created the most realistic laminate floors ever with our textured NatureForm™ patterns and our dimensional iCORE™ Advanced Composite Flooring.

Natural beauty.
We used our expertise at making hardwood floors to create laminates in the wood styles and tones people prefer most. We even went a step further by pioneering an embossing process that gives highly realistic three-dimensional texture in our Laminate NatureForm™ Plank and Tile Collections. We also faithfully reproduced rare and extinct woods as part of our Historic Collection, such as distressed Heart Pine, Antique Barn Oak, and Historic American Chestnut. And with our NatureForm™ Laminate Collection, the real texture of wood and stone tile is brought to laminate.

Unbeatable durability.
Typical high-pressure laminate floors use glue to hold the plastic laminate to the core — glue that can sometimes come unstuck. But our ThermoComposite™ technology lets us replace the glue with thermal-set plastic resins that are forced through three surface layers and deep into the fibers of our EcoCore™. No peeling here! This EcoCore™, made from recycled wood materials, is a super-strong, high-density fiberboard that withstands denting-even from the heaviest piano.

Wear and stain resistance.
Our melamine surface gets its incredible durability from aluminum oxide. Second only to diamonds in hardness, aluminum oxide provides unsurpassed wear and stain resistance.

Hand-rubbed appearance.
A low-luster, wood grain-textured surface gives our laminates the best and longest-lasting appearance. Advanced technology locks the color deep inside for vivid patterns and hues.

Little maintenance.
No floor comes closer to true maintenance-free performance. Ordinary vacuuming or sweeping is usually all it takes, with occasional wiping with Mannington Award Series® Cleaner.

Oops-proof performance.
Spills happen, but laminate floors take them in stride. Juice, wine, grease, and chocolate are easily wiped away. Cigarette burns, asphalt, shoe polish, paint, ink, crayon, and nail polish come clean with alcohol or nail polish remover. Candle wax and chewing gum can be gently scraped away.

Easy installation.
Our laminate floors are designed to be laid as a "floating floor" above your existing floor (except carpeting, of course) without nails or glue. The only glue ever used is between the planks in the joints, which fit tightly together with a precise tongue and groove design. Mannington Hush™, AquaBarrier™ and ComfortBarrier™ underlayments are very easy to install and keep out moisture rising from the subfloor, provide padding for walking comfort, add heat insulation, and dampen noise.

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