Ready to purchase your new floors but not sure what to choose? We are here to help and guide you through your selection process. The better you understand what you want and what your home needs, the better decision you will make. Be prepared to answer the questions below and you will find the right flooring for your home!

Think about room logistics:
How do you use the room most?
What types of activities are common in this room?
What are the room’s lighting sources?
What is the size of the room?
Does the room flow into others or stand alone?Think about existing or intended aesthetic:
How do you want to feel when you’re in this room?
What types of furnishings do you have?
What’s the style of the room? Traditional? Contemporary? Rustic?
What’s the feel of the room? Casual? Formal? Somewhere in between?

So you have just had your beautiful new floors installed, now what? Here are some helpful tips and tools to keep your new floors looking their best!

Reduce Dirt Accumulation – Use walk-off mats at entrances to reduce outside dirt from being tracked onto the carpet and new floors and clean mats weekly. Periodic relocation of mats will allow for a more even distribution of foot traffic on carpet.Remove Spills Promptly – Anything spilled on carpet should be cleaned up promptly. Most spilled materials will stain or discolor carpet or can lead to increased spoiling if not removed promptly.

Prevent Contact with Household Chemicals – Protect your carpet by taking special precautions to prevent any household chemicals from damaging, discoloring, or removing color from your carpet.